Influence of the geostrophic transport of phosphates on primary production off Baja California (Mexico)

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MD Martínez-Gaxiola
R Durazo
G Gaxiola-Castro


We estimated the net flux of inorganic phosphorus (kg P d–1) due to geostrophic transport in the upper 100 m of a control volume (CV) off Baja California (Mexico) during 2003 and 2004. The influence of this flux on integrated primary production (IPP) in the photic zone (less than 100 m depth) was estimated comparing the net P flux into the CV against the P requirements for IPP. The greatest P fluxes occurred during spring and summer 2004; the northern side of the CV was the main recipient of P. The most persistent P outflow occurred along the southern side of the CV, except in winter 2003, when there was an input of P fluxes related to cyclonic and anticyclonic eddies off Ensenada. The net geostrophic transport during 2003 and 2004 contributed enough P to support the IPP requirements during winter and spring, indicating that P was not limiting for phytoplankton organic carbon production during these seasons. 

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